Take a walk! Go for a bike ride! Enjoy the countryside!
It’s nothing like anything you’ve done before!
You choose!
Walking, cycling, the location! Whatever and wherever you want to go!
You are transported
to the beginning of your excursion!

Who We Are

Menorca Total


We are an enthusiastic company that is keen to revitalise an interest in the spirit for walking and cycling in Menorca.

We respect the natural environment and take advantage of the vast network of rural pathways and tracks that cross the island. The majority of these have been forgotten and some are on private land but we are able to access them with the owner’s permission. Also, many sections of these pathways have been lost with the construction of modern roads.

We provide everything you need. You will be transported by van to the start of each excursion. We have excellent mountain bikes and expert local knowledge of each route and the environment that surrounds it. We take you through areas that you cannot reach by car, or are inaccessible for the general public.

We organise fantastic day trips that can be tailor made to your requirements. Each excursion normally last 4 to 5 hours, however we work to you needs. Let’s work together to plan the day! On bike or walking, we will pass through beautiful countryside at a leisurely pace. Come and see what surprises Menorca has in store for you!
All our excursions also include an opportunity to taste typical Menorcan foods.