Take a walk! Go for a bike ride! Enjoy the countryside!
It’s nothing like anything you’ve done before!
You choose!
Walking, cycling, the location! Whatever and wherever you want to go!
You are transported
to the beginning of your excursion!


Menorca Total

When you come with us, there is no pressure, as we plan the journey with you to suit your level.Everyone is aware of the renewed interest cycling that has emerged in the last few years.Due to the technological advances in the design of specialised bicycles, we now have access to a variety of models that make cycling easier!Nowadays we are more aware of healthy lifestyles, the benefit of exercise and sport, protection of our environment etc…Consequentially, we are expect more environmentally friendly transport to use in cities, towns, for short and long journeys. So, why not also in our free time as well?

For this reason, we take advantage of the natural network of rural pathways and the characteristic surroundings with the distinct colours and aromas of the Menorcan countryside.We invite you to rediscover the enthusiasm for outings with family and friends, tailored to your requirements without any pressure.You and the bikes are transported to the start of your journey and we will be there to meet you when you have finished.We will visit some very special places that are not normally accessible and it will enable you to discover a hidden aspect of Menorca.

All in your own time.