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Northern Routes

The North of the island is more commonly known as the Tramontana and is named after the north wind that sweeps across the countryside clearing the air and cooling the land. This area is one of the oldest geological terrains in the Balearic Islands. It is characterised by its rolling hills, abrupt cliffs and rugged coastline. You can explore coves, cliffs and headlands, all within a few kilometres of each other. We will enjoy the typical mosaic countryside that has been created by the natural environment such as the severity of the weather and Man’s behaviour when defining the land across the centuries. This route is ideal for covering rural pathways where there are beaches, some with distinct reddish sand. We will pass by farms with cows that are bred specifically for their milk which is used to make the famous Mahon cheese. Also, you will see pigs that are bred to make the delicious sobrasada that is a typical food of the Balearic Islands The sun lights up small ports and inlets, lighthouses and historical sites that date back centuries.