Take a walk! Go for a bike ride! Enjoy the countryside!
It’s nothing like anything you’ve done before!
You choose!
Walking, cycling, the location! Whatever and wherever you want to go!
You are transported
to the beginning of your excursion!



We travel by van to the starting point of your journey.

Our van is specially adapted to accommodate you, the mountain bikes and all the support materials for such a journey.We meet you at your accommodation and drive you to your chosen route. Depending on the route, we may have to walk to the beginning of the pathway. Sometimes the excursion has 2 phases, a combination of mountain biking and walking in addition to the journey by van. We follow different, interesting trails or old forgotten roads. We cover unusual terrain and a lot of distance in only one day.


If you prefer, we can plan the excursions together to suit your requirements, however, you’ll be surprised by the variety of our itineraries. They include pre-historic sites, impressive architect, fascinating local customs and beautiful countryside.